Saturday, July 14, 2007

Did you surprise at all you, where the automobile company names of Aston Martin developed? If the head offices are set up in Warwickshire, seized England, which limited Aston Martin Lagonda line of the Luxuxautos its names of a hill mountain climber, who was called Aston Clinton and one of the creating fathers of the company, Lionel Martin. The history of the Astons Martin is rather fascinating and sees, how it acquired the estimated respect of the Seins the bezaubernde self allotters for the row James of the bond books and the films. The first mention of the carrier came in the 7. Novel of 007, „gold fingers “(1964), immediately followed of an agency on the silver screen in the film of the same title. The Aston Martin was regarded then as the company car „in the GoldenEye “(1995) and its private carrier in „tomorrow never dies “(1997). Additional Aston Martin of models formed also appearance in a multiplicity of James of the bond films, including the Volante and favorably „in the living Daylights “(1987), the Vanguish „in the cube another day “(2002). The new DBS was marked even in the newest bond-easy impact, „casino Royale “(2006). The history of Aston Martins the Aston Martin automobile company was created 1913 with the help of Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. The two worked with one another, in order to produce their first car under the company name, which contained the chassis of a Isotta Fraschini 1908 and of Vierzylinderc$coventry simplexmaschine. Before the production of its first car took place, the company would have to overcome the obstacle of the First World War, which had both owners to serve their country under different addresses of the military. The whole their machinery was lost in the war effort. After the war the company in Kensington became RH--based and rejuvenated with new autoDesigns. 1920 left the company and the financing to Bamford began to come from another aid to. Up to the 1922 the company Autos, who went rather well in the French great Prix and really adjusted, produced noted in the speed and in the perseverance. Unfortunately the company made 1924 bankruptcy and by the lady Charnwood, was only bought, in order to see loss 1925 again. The factory closed 1926 and requested Martin too, goes away from the business. That the same year, which was renamed company Aston Martin engines and which protection carriers of a compilation of the wealthy investors receive. A well-known designer was gotten inside and to Racers, like the Aston 1929 international Martin, the Le Mans, and the Ulster became rather successful. It was not until 1936 that the company decided to produce cars which were usable for the opened road. The second war world slowed production down, but 1947, went through the company nevertheless another guidance change. The cars placed now the signing letters of „railways “to look and marked the initials of acting managing director, David brown. A number of railways row car flowered and reached from the DB2 1950 up to that to railways V8 of the seventies. The V8 lasted until 1988, until the Virage line was imported, followed from the favorable 1992. Some other models became, including the V12 Vantage (1999), the V12-engine Vanquish (2001), which convertible DB9 Volante (2004) and the car 2006 favorable of sport V8 dragged. Aston Martin car during history Aston Martin of the carriers, gave it many different Vorkriegs and postwar GT and supercars, which are introduced to the public. Before the war the company was responsible to Aston Martin international Le Mans (1932) and the Aston Martin 15/98 (1937-1939) for models, like the Aston Martin standard haven (1921-1925). After the war exceeded on, a landlord became „the railways “row car, including which Aston Martin causes, the 2-Litre of sport (alias the DB1; 1948-1950), Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato (1961-1963), Aston Martin DB7 (1993-2003) and the Aston 2004 Martin DB9. Supercars, as the Aston Martin V8 favorable success the market from 1977 to 1989, which was called the first Supercar of Great Britain. , Thus its ability speeds of to 170 Mph was evaluated. reached. While the nineties were the Aston Martin Virage, Aston Martin, which are favorable, and Aston Martin V8 Coupe/V8 Volante head. With the Virage the public covered the possibilities sleeker, modern Design and improved acceleration. AT PRESENT consumers Aston Martin car can buy, as the favorable V8 and the V8 favorable Roadster, which are a light, nevertheless pretty strong carrier. The DB9 and the DB9 Volante are also on the market, which offers customer the alternatively released sport sentence ascending. The Vanguish S is existing today's day in addition, the one upper speed of 200 Mph. to reach can. The future Aston Martin of the cars it gave the numerous concept cars, during the years, inclusively ießlich die Lagonda 1980 Aston Martin Bulldogge und 1993 Vignale hergestellt werden. Ein neues Konzept ist für die Firma aufgetaucht, die in Form von dem Aston Martin Rapide kommt. Es ist wahrscheinlich, daß dieses Modell in der Linie der Autos das späteste wird, die eine längere anbieten, großartige diese Tourer-Art Sitze vier. Möglicherweise kannst du die begrenzte Ausgabelinie des Astons Martin DBS sogar sehen, das im Kasino Royale Film erschien (nur 300 von diesen bestehen).